Lake County, Fla.; April 30, 2020Elligo Health Research, a healthcare-enabling research organization, has partnered with Adult Medicine of Lake County, a general family healthcare provider, to support clinical trials .

“Working with Elligo enables us to provide our patients with opportunities to conveniently participate in clinical trials,” said Matt Cady, chief operations officer at Adult Medicine of Lake County. “Our hope is to ease the logistical challenges faced by the elderly community in Lake County by providing cutting-edge treatments to our patients both in our practice and at those patients’ homes.”

Through this partnership, Elligo will provide the expertise and tools needed to facilitate research as care within Adult Medicine’s existing workflow. Only Elligo’s proprietary state-of-the-art technology platform, IntElligo Research Stack™, follows the patient’s entire trial journey from initial identification for participation through study conduct and conclusion. This includes the collection of required study source data at the point of care or from mobile devices, and enabling remote monitoring visits. The efficiencies gained from Elligo’s technology allows for more focus on the patient during the trial rather than on administrative activities.

“Our goal has always been to provide diverse populations access to research. The majority of the population does not have opportunities to conveniently participate in clinical research,” said Chad Moore, president of Elligo Health Research. “We are proud to collaborate with Adult Medicine of Lake County to offer treatments to the nation’s largest growing senior population — the Villages in Florida — and the surrounding areas.”

About Elligo Health Research

Elligo Health Research, a healthcare-enabling research organization, uses electronic health records and the trusted patient and physician relationship to ensure all patients have access to clinical research as a care option. Powered by our Goes Direct® approach and novel IntElligo Research Stack™ clinical technology, our team provides access to the best healthcare experts, patients, and research technologies. We engage physicians and patients who otherwise would not participate in clinical research and accelerate the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic products. Learn more at


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