Only Elligo Offers Complete Solutions for Fully Enrolled Trials and Commercialization Success

Under-enrollment and patient dropout only slow your speed to market; trial complexity, regulatory concerns, and staffing augmentation can result in spiraling costs.

Only Elligo overcomes the industry challenges of limited patient participation and missed clinical research timelines through our access to more diverse patient populations and unique technology solutions. Together, these enable expanded patient access and the flexibility to conduct trials through traditional sites, decentralized clinical trials, or a hybrid.

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Our Solutions Help You Take Your Product to Market Faster

Only Elligo can identify and enroll patients 10x faster than traditional recruitment models and accelerate trial startup from day one.

Access to known patients and their healthcare data enhances and supports patient engagement, and helps researchers design truly patient-centric protocols, which further enables the success of your trials.

Only IntElligo conducts the most efficient and cost-effective trials through sites, healthcare partners, homes, and telehealth to accelerate and optimize the process toward getting your new products to market.

Our Goes Direct® approach gives physicians the tools to integrate clinical research within their local hospitals, clinics, and practices and is supported by ResearchConnect®, which aggregates data to allow patient identification and simplifies and supports the critical responsibilities needed to conduct research.


Only Elligo Streamlines and Accelerates Clinical Trials With Access Known Patients and Their Healthcare Data

Traditional models contract sites based on their ability to find patients, then must wait for patients to enroll, staggering and lengthening the process, which can lead to missed enrollment timelines.

Elligo’s decentralized process starts by accessing known patients and their EHR data to identify qualified patients, and then brings on as many healthcare providers as needed to enroll and execute the study.

Sites conducting multiple trials at the same time require access to large numbers of patients and need to search outside of their practice, which they often are unable to manage.

Conversation and engagement take place directly with patients who are already under the trusted care of their physician within the practice.

Depending on the sites’ location, qualified patients may be required to travel, sometimes long distances or even state-to-state, to participate in a trial, making patient retention difficult.

By enabling healthcare providers in any location to provide research, patients can conveniently participate at their own physician’s office.

Based on sites’ fixed capacity to take patients, ability to find and enroll enough patients over time, and patients’ possible need to travel to participate, the overall study timeline often increases.

Finding the patients first and enabling the same study start and last visit times accelerates the enrollment period and better controls the overall length of the trial.

Once contracted, sites have a fixed capacity to see patients based on number of staff and exam rooms at each site.

Through the abundance of healthcare, there is no competition for patients with ongoing clinical trials, eliminating fixed capacity and providing flexibility and scalability to execute trials.