Only Elligo Supports Physicians Looking to Bring Research to Their Practice

Most physicians don’t offer clinical research to their patients due to lack of infrastructure and cost, and patients don’t participate because of lack of access or they don’t want to leave their trusted physician. Because of these barriers, 97% of physicians and patients are currently lost to clinical research.

Only Elligo makes it easy for your practice to become a clinical research and trial site. As the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization, Elligo maintains the integrity of the trusted patient and healthcare physician relationship by working with you to build a local healthcare community that provides your patients with clinical research as a care option.

Our Unique Goes Direct® Approach Expands Clinical Research Opportunities

Elligo serves as a conduit to facilitate the benefits of clinical research as care. Our Goes Direct® approach identifies patients for research studies, then provides physicians with the infrastructure, technology, processes, and expert personnel to seamlessly integrate and support clinical research within local hospitals, clinics, and practices.

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Research Ready: Preparing Your Practice to Conduct Clinical Research

When you choose to become a Research Ready site with Elligo, we provide you the resources needed to seamlessly integrate research into your existing workflow. From training your staff to filing paperwork, our study coordinators enable you to maintain your focus on the quality of your patients’ care and the integrity of the trusted patient and physician relationship.

Research Ready sites receive:

Quality improvement resulting from enhanced care protocols and the ability to provide leading-edge treatment

A boost to your brand and reputation through service line enhancement and the benefit to the overall health of your community

Improvement in efficiency and scale through reduced paperwork and variation