Patient recruitment and retainment are two of the biggest challenges in clinical research. While there is more than one approach to achieve patient enrollment and engagement, one solution is increasing access to data. Having access to a vast patient population offers the opportunity to provide study designers the ability to transform clinical trials and create truly patient-centric protocols.

Our webinar – Can Increased Data Access Improve Patient Enrollment and Engagement? – will explore how increased data access can help fill trials and retain patients by creating a patient-centric focus that keeps your study filled and running. We’ll explore:

• How access to a vast patient pool increases opportunities for real-world-compatible trial design
• The role of data in empowering a more diverse patient population
• Why an increased range of potential trial participants allows researchers to engage physicians, establishing an authentic interaction between patients, researchers, and physicians
• How data access combined with patient-centric trials leads to streamlined inclusion/exclusion and expedited timelines

Join Elligo’s Faith Holmes, M.D., medical director and vice president of medical affairs, and Michael Ibara, Pharm.D., chief data officer, as they share how to facilitate patient-led research through the increased data access.


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