Clinical trial enrollment is one of the earliest and most daunting challenges sponsors face. If sponsors and their partners successfully navigate enrollment, randomization concerns are quickly replaced by retention for the study’s duration. In an industry notoriously resistant to systemic change, there are many opportunities to employ emerging technologies — to the great benefit of patients and research teams alike.

Many clinical trial tasks are better suited to automation and a digital-first experience for patients. For sponsors, the benefits are multifold: cost savings, the elimination of transcription errors, and freeing up site staff to focus on patient-centric protocol elements where a human touch significantly improves the patient experience.

Our webinar — “Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Increase Clinical Trial Access and Drive Faster Enrollment” — will explore how to leverage emerging technologies to improve trial enrollment. We’ll discuss:

  • Activate digital patient communities to have a pool of qualified patients engaged and ready to go, even before your trial’s scheduled first patient in
  • Align agile patient engagement teams with technologies and processes that are prerequisites for direct-to-patient, decentralized clinical research to empower them to support the trial journey with personalized, empathetic care
  • Empower, not burden, principal investigators and site teams with technologies that automate repetitive tasks and integrate into existing workflows

Join Elligo’s Raj Sharma, executive director, digital strategy and transformation, as he shares how to facilitate patient-led research through increased data access.


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