Vanessa Watson

Vanessa Watson brings more than 20 years of combined clinical research leadership in site operations, project, financial, and relationship management to Elligo. In her role, she will lead the building and maintenance of practice and system relationships within the Elligo healthcare network, as well as develop and execute a research business strategy.

Prior to Elligo, Watson held the title of director site communications and strategic development for Optimal Research where she developed processes and systems and qualified all network sites. She also held the role of director, network operations, in which she managed all operational aspects at high volume, rapid enrolling vaccine sites. Prior to that, Watson was the senior director operations for all Premier Research network acute pain trial sites where she built highly functioning teams, set departmental goals, and expanded capabilities into new therapeutic areas. Watson holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental biology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and a diploma in collegiate studies in both health and pure and applied sciences from Vanier College in Montreal.





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