Research-Capable to Research Ready™ Sites

Bringing clinical research to physician practices.

As a part of our Goes Direct™ approach, we take our physician partners from research-capable to Research Ready™. Research Ready sites receive this designation once they are ready to conduct a clinical research study and are capable of recruiting patients for trials that are identified specifically for their patients. When you choose Elligo for your trials, all your study sites will be designated Research Ready. These sites benefit from the ongoing support of a trained study management team, leading proprietary technology and trial-specific equipment and supplies provided by Elligo. Our Research Ready sites will get your study up and running faster with a more diverse population of participants and better retention.

All Elligo Research Ready™ sites receive:

  • Trials that fit their patient population
  • An experienced clinical research coordinator and backup
  • Leading proprietary technologies
  • Study feasibility assessment and initial patient identification for trials
  • Necessary trial-specific equipment and supplies
  • Ongoing coordination with sponsors/CROs and auditors and IRB support
  • SOPs and processes to ensure quality, efficiency and execution readiness

Become Research Ready™

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Strengthen Your Study With Research Ready™ Sites

Women’s Health

17 Sites
123 Physicians
412,744 Patients



5 Sites
27 Physicians
91,727 Patients



4 Sites
37 Physicians
101,355 Patients


General Practice

5 Sites
7 Physicians
22,043 Patients


2 Sites
7 Physicians
8,500 Patients