Elligo Health Research was founded by John Potthoff, Ph.D., and Chad Moore, to address a well-known clinical trial challenge: patient enrollment. Patients often do not participate in trials because they lack access to a research site and do not want to leave their primary physician. We set out to break down those barriers by bringing the research to their physician’s office.

Our Goes Direct® approach enables research as a care option in physician practices. This results in more efficient and cost-effective trials where patients gain access to new treatment options, physicians avoid the cost and effort of building and managing in-house clinical research infrastructure and sponsors bring new therapies to market faster.

Our Mission

At Elligo, it is our mission to bring together and empower clinical research organizations, sponsors and CROs, physicians and patients to improve clinical trial access and efficiency. As big data dynamics change, and new technologies and services arise, we continue to revolutionize our Goes Direct® approach to meet the evolving needs of the drug discovery industry and close the gap between clinical research and clinical health care.