Only Elligo Increases Patient Centricity While Enabling Remote Clinical Trials

Elligo Health Research® manages and centralizes all hybrid and decentralized study requirements to accelerate research, maintain the trusted patient-physician relationship, and increase clinical trial access.

Supports patients and caregivers throughout their study journey by providing a central point of contact to assist with:

  • Visit reminders 
  • Study-related screenings and assessments  
  • Home healthcare logistics  
  • Transportation booking and support  
  • Reimbursements 

Brings the trial directly to the patient, wherever they may be, through:

  • Direct-to-patient visit support  
  • Lab and investigational product management 
  • Rating scale administration by trained raters  
  • Centralized communication and reporting

Connects patients to physicians and site staff via virtual:

  • Education and engagement  
  • Remote admissions 
  • General care  
  • Protocol reminders  
  • And more 

Makes trials more accessible by enabling and elevating remote-based monitoring through:

  • Paper source management  
  • Direct communication between site staff and monitor 
  • Query management  
  • eSource integration  
  • Rapid startup 

Available in 50+ Countries to Reach the Unreachable

Fully Customizable to Increase Access to Clinical Trials

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When you need direct access to healthcare-first sites, elite research sites, or clinical trial management solutions to enable your clinical trials, there’s Only Elligo.

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