Only Elligo Offers Comprehensive Tech to Support Rapid, Patient-Centric, and Compliant Research 

Elligo Health Research’s propriety platforms enable and augment our clinical trial management solutions, ensuring research and commercialization success.  

Providing flexible and agile multitherapeutic and geographic reach, the platforms work in tandem to optimize and accelerate clinical trials at every step of the way.

Streamlining Clinical Data Management From Patient ID Through Study Close

IntElligo® is the only system designed to work in a real-world healthcare environment. It collects data at the point of care using Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) global research data standards, and then automatically uses it for regulatory compliance and study operational management. 

By automating administrative tasks, alerting for any quality issues, streamlining data output, and supporting the trusted physician and patient relationship, IntElligo accelerates and enhances data collection from feasibility through submission. 

The ePatientFinder® feature reduces patient enrollment time by using electronic health records to fill studies with patients from Elligo’s Research Ready network and track pre-screening workflow. 

The eDirectSource® feature improves data transparency and quality by aligning with the healthcare workflow to collect patient source data.

StudyWatch is an all-inclusive, end-to-end study management dashboard that displays the information needed to manage studies.

The DirectPay feature automates financial tasks and reporting, providing transparency and expediting site payments.

IntElligo prioritizes data interoperability by collecting trial information in CDISC CDASH standards and integrating with other key vendors, including patient stipend and external recruitment systems.

Enabling Efficient Research Driven by EHR Data 

DataAI Connect is a reusable, end-to-end data platform that sources, processes, analyzes, and distributes real-world data (RWD) at scale.  

Featuring three products to support different stages of the study process, DataAI Connect optimizes the intersection of healthcare and research to accelerate the development of new medicines, therapies, and products in all therapeutic areas.  


Supporting Screening and Enrollment in Clinical Trials

Root is a digital study buddy like “Alexa” or “Siri” that engages, educates, and supports clinical research patients throughout their trial journey.  

  • 24/7 study concierge and support 
  • Surveys, chats, links, and consents 
  • Scheduling and reminders 

Subscription-Based Site Engagement Platform to Streamline Trial Placement  

The Study Marketplace offers direct access to 500+ elite healthcare-first and traditional research sites, making site selection convenient, fast, and precise.

The simple application feature allows interested sites to quickly apply for your study, allowing the Elligo team to curate a list of the very best sites for your trial without you lifting a finger.

The Study Marketplace gives you a direct line to 500+ elite sites, offering:  

  • High-quality conduct of even the most complex protocols 
  • Protocol feedback to reduce rate-limiting factors and optimize study design  
  • Easy placement of studies in all therapeutic areas 
  • Confidence in all research stages 

Elligo’s site network spans the United States and is expanding internationally.

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