Who We Are

Elligo Health Research® is the ultimate healthcare-enabling integrated research organization. Our mission is to provide everyone easy access to participation in research and to accelerate clinical trials along the way.

We strive to drive research efficiency through innovation and by honoring and maintaining the connection between physicians and their patients. Our work is rooted in the power of healthcare data and its ability to direct clinical research. We believe in the absolute necessity of compliance and change through adoption instead of disruption.

How We Got Here

John Potthoff, Ph.D. and Chad Moore, Elligo Co-Founders, were frustrated with clinical research. They saw patients unable to access trials, physicians unable to run trials effectively, and sponsors unable to complete trials on time, leaving patients without the therapeutics they desperately needed.  

So, they decided to do something about it.

In 2016, John and Chad partnered to create Elligo Health Research®, a first-of-its-kind integrated research organization that uses advantages already built into healthcare, such as EHR data and on-demand research infrastructure, to advance and accelerate clinical trials.

Elligo expanded in 2020 with the acquisition of Root Health and ClinEdge and is now expanding into Europe and beyond, working to simplify the clinical research process for patients and physicians all around the world.

What We Do

We revolutionize clinical research through:

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Early, direct access to a network of known, diverse patients who are pre-vetted for protocol inclusion through HIPAA-compliant identified electronic health record (EHR) data

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Our easy-to-use, integrated IntElligo® Research Stack technology, which ensures data integrity from patient ID to study close

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Our Research Partner Services that enable healthcare practices and research sites to seamlessly participate in clinical trials as Research Ready

We also preserve the integrity of the trusted patient and physician relationship, build local healthcare communities, and leverage EHRs, all in service of bringing clinical research as care to more patients.

Why We Do It

We innovate to accelerate the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic products, with the goal of positively impacting the lives of patients around the globe.

Our team is deeply dedicated to this cause because we care. We care about the people working to create lifesaving solutions, and we care about the people and their families who need them. By supporting our clients as they develop new therapies and enable greater access to clinical trial participation, we truly believe we’re making the world a healthier, happier place. This goal drives us to be ever vigilant about what we do, how we do it and the support we personally provide people going through trying times.

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