Elligo Empowers a More Diverse Patient Population

The majority of clinical trials are conducted in large, urban areas with homogenous trial populations. Racial, gender, and age disparities are not fully represented in research, which leads to data that isn’t broadly applicable to the patients who will actually end up receiving specific treatments.

Only Elligo has a proven track record of identifying and including a more diverse population compared to industry averages — resulting in outcomes that are more representative, increasing drug safety through post-market surveillance capabilities.

Elligo Delivers More Opportunities Through Healthcare

Clinical trials and research traditionally existed outside of the care administered within local hospitals and physicians’ offices. Physicians weren’t always aware of what research was being conducted, and patients had little idea research that could potentially improve their outcome or benefit their health was occurring at all.

Only Elligo enables broader participation in clinical research than ever before with access to known patients and their data, allowing physicians to provide research as a care option to patients who otherwise wouldn’t have access to clinical research.

Elligo Streamlines Patient Participation in Research

Traditional recruitment methods are constrained by limitations such as patient proximity to a specific site where research is conducted. Research has also shown that patients prefer to engage in a study with their trusted healthcare physician.

Only Elligo removes common barriers to trial participation by maximizing patient centricity in clinical research. Our platform is able to execute traditional site-based, hybrid, and decentralized clinical trial models — whatever method is most convenient for the patient. And because Elligo’s model incorporates local physicians as lead investigators, patients can maintain their physician relationship during the trial.

Only Elligo takes research into the real world.

When you need direct access to physicians, patients, and data to enable your healthcare research — there’s Only Elligo.

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