The clinical research industry has reached a pivotal point in its evolution where patient centricity and the personalized medicine movement have aligned with the marked expansion of hybrid and site-less decentralized trials. According to reports,i approximately 31% of clinical trials included decentralized elements in 2019. Today, that has grown to 39% and continued growth is expected. Quite simply, the future of clinical research must be optimized for patient comfort and access; the future of clinical research is optimized trials. 

What Are “Optimized Trials” Exactly?

“Optimized trials” is an emerging term. At Elligo, we define optimized trials as follows: 

Optimized trials are virtual-first clinical trials that create the optimal conditions for 1) patients to have simple, effective, comfortable access to research as a care option and 2) sponsors to quickly and easily enroll and retain eligible, engaged patients. 

The Role of Physician-Patient Relationships in Optimized Trials 

One of the cornerstone goals of clinical trial optimization is to accelerate the advancement of medicine while improving access to research as a care option for patients. We have put the physician–patient relationship at the heart of meeting this goal.  

Patients generally build trust and rapport with their known medical providers. They are comfortable and used to connecting with those individuals and their teams in familiar, accessible locations. That’s why Elligo has created its Healthcare-First site network, which is made up of medical providers who have incorporated research into their practice through end-to-end support from Elligo. By tapping into these trusted relationships, sponsors can decrease the traditional burden associated with starting up a research practice and conducting clinical trials and improve the patient experience. 

Elligo’s physician–patient relationship-based site network enables a pipeline of studies tailored to your research interests and patients’ needs. With accelerated and efficient study participant matching, exclusive trials in high-interest indications aligned to therapeutic focus (such as cardiology, pulmonology, psychiatry, neurology, endocrinology, family and internal medicine, etc.), and the ability to offer new research as care options to patients, the “why” behind establishing optimized trials through a Healthcare-First site network is clear. 

5 Ways to Facilitate Optimized Trials 

While both traditional and site-less trials will continue to have a place in the evolving clinical trial landscape, we have seen sponsors have the most success with the hybrid trial model of research optimization. Here are some of the key benefits of the optimized hybrid trials Elligo facilitates through our PatientSelect® solution: 

  • Sponsors receive access to our Healthcare-First site network, which is comprised of doctors who have added research into their practice 
  • Elligo fully manages the site relationship on behalf of sponsors with central oversight of primary and sub-investigators 
  • All  sites operate under one contract and one budget, creating efficiency in working within this network vs. with multiple sites and multiple contracts and budgets 
  • The Elligo Healthcare-First site network serves communities that typically haven’t had access to research, allowing for increased diversity in accordance with the latest regulatory guidance and mandates 
  • We achieve optimized patient identification, enrollment, and study execution through HIPAA-compliant EHR data plus AI-powered analytics 

The Intersection of Healthcare and Research 

As the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization, Elligo optimizes the intersection of healthcare and research, maintains the integrity of the trusted patient–physician relationship, and leverages EHR data to accelerate the development of new pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, medical devices, and diagnostic products while bringing more patients clinical research as a care option. 

Optimized trials and Healthcare-First sites go hand in hand, and we are proud to be at the forefront of both creating and empowering this next phase of clinical trial evolution. 

Ready to add optimized trials to your research? Contact our experts today to get started.  

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