Only Elligo Enables Clinical Trials Through the Intersection of Research and Healthcare

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Providing Direct Access to Healthcare-First Sites, Elite Research Sites, Research-Enhancing Study-Level Services, and Clinical Trial Management Solutions

Elligo enables clinical trials through EHR data, our proprietary IntElligo®  technology, and direct access to millions of known, diverse patients from more than 115 hospitals and major health systems, 200 healthcare-based sites, and 100 research-based sites.

Our PatientSelect® model engages our integrated site network to optimize the intersection of healthcare and research while our SiteSelect  model simplifies trial placement through our Study Marketplace technology.

Our Study-Level Services and Research Partner Services enable sites to seamlessly participate in research, further accelerating and enhancing traditional, decentralized, and hybrid trials. 

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115 Hospitals​ and Major Health Systems

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200 Healthcare-Based​ Research Sites

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100 Research-​Only Sites

Access to Clinical Trials Has Life-Changing Results

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Clinical Trial Management to Reduce Risk and Increase Certainty

In the past year alone, Elligo has supported 1,000+ studies for more than 80 sponsors/CROs across 30 countries in 15+ therapeutic areas with 400+ employees.

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Therapeutic Spotlight:
Psychedelic Research

Working at the forefront of this exciting new field, Elligo offers a meticulously built network of psychedelic research sites, custom solutions, expert guidance, and comprehensive technology to propel your trial forward.

1,000+ Trials Supported in Past Year

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When you need direct access to healthcare-first sites, elite research sites, or clinical trial management solutions to enable your clinical trials, there’s Only Elligo.

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