Whether you’ve done 10 or 100 studies, you know running a clinical research site is hard. More than half of investigators quit after their first trial!1 There are many obstacles to success for sites, but the three most common are:  

1) Finding the Next Study  

Clinical research sites often fail because they don’t have a strong, steady pipeline of new studies. Finding your next trial takes time, time that busy clinical research physicians often don’t have. You’re supposed to search through long lists of studies that don’t really match your patient population, read documents filled with nonessential details, apply with long-winded forms in varying formats, and track countless update emails all while staying on top of regular clinical trial management? It’s no wonder that so many investigators burn out.  

2) Inefficient Study Startup 

Study startup is scandalously slow. You’re often asked to repeatedly fill out or submit the same forms, including confidentiality agreements, feasibility questionnaires, medical licenses, and training records. And that’s on top of budget negotiations, necessary filings or record keeping for specific studies, and the organizational nightmare that comes with coordinating all of these administrative activities.  

3) Clinical Trial Enrollment  

According to one analysis, only 52% of sites reach their enrollment goals and 11% don’t enroll any patients at all.2 These numbers are only getting worse with increasingly complex study protocols and narrowing inclusion/exclusion criteria. It makes sense! Between finding eligible patients, engaging with them about research, and hopefully enrolling them, patient recruitment for clinical trials is time consuming and, often, demoralizing.  

One Simple Solution for Your Clinical Research Site  

Whether you’re new to research or are an experienced site, these challenges can be disheartening. Luckily, there is one simple solution to all three: the Elligo Health Research® Study Pipeline and Placement service, available through the Study Marketplace.  

The Study Marketplace is a user-friendly platform designed to streamline clinical research participation. It helps you manage your entire pipeline process in one portal, accelerating trial feasibility, increasing collaboration, saving time, and growing revenue. Here’s how it helps solve research sites’ three main hurdles:  

1) Finding the Next Study  

The Study Marketplace makes filling your pipeline easy and fast. It’s continuously updated with exclusive studies and widely available options in a range of therapeutic areas as well as trials curated specifically for your patients and interests — eliminating the need to search through emails and lists for new opportunities. It also features study synopses created by our expert team that allow you to assess if a study is the right fit in two minutes or less. The Study Marketplace streamlines the application process, making it easy to apply, manage upcoming tasks, and track your progress through site selection.  

2) Inefficient Study Startup 

What if you only had to submit your licenses, training records, and resume once? The Study Marketplace streamlines study startup by digitizing the process and simplifying collaboration. You can complete and submit applications within the platform, reducing redundancies. With access to Elligo experts and efficient formats, you can also submit high-quality feasibility questionnaires and prep for pre-study visits. And with an unlimited number of users per site, the Study Marketplace makes it easy to share the study startup load.  

3) Clinical Trial Enrollment  

You have established relationships with your patients and community, so why not use them to speed patient recruitment for clinical trials? Using EHR data and your unique profile, the Study Marketplace recommends upcoming trials based on your real patient population. So, when it comes time to enroll, you will already have a large pool of patients who fit the inclusion/exclusion criteria.  

More Clinical Trial Management Solutions  

Study Pipeline and Placement has other benefits that make running a site and filling your pipeline even easier:  

  • Study Lead Generation — Elligo has deep relationships with leading sponsors and CROs as well as a dedicated trial acquisition team, giving you access to exclusive clinical trials and even more time to focus on patient care 
  • Pipeline Management — Including regular calls to review your pipeline, this solution further eases your administrative burden while moving quality opportunities forward  
  • Feasibility Services — Expert guidance on feasibility questionnaires helps you earn more study awards  

Set Your Clinical Research Site Up for Success  

Running a site can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Study Pipeline and Placement solution, powered by our industry-leading Study Marketplace, solves many of your challenges so you can focus on what’s most important: patient care. Contact our team to get started.  


  1. Corneli, A., et al. One and done: Reasons principal investigators conduct only one FDA-regulated drug trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications. Published 2017 June.  
  2. Getz, K. Enrollment Performance: Weighing the “Facts”: Better selection and tougher site management is not enough to improve enrollment success. Applied Clinical Trials. Published 2012 May.  

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