Elligo Offers Clinical Trial Patient Concierge Services to Meet Transportation Needs

The physical location of research centers and required travel are often the main barriers to trial participation.  

100% of surveyed patients and caregivers said having a person dedicated to helping them with trial-related travel was important for their participation in clinical trials.* 

*Amplifying Patient Voices in Rare Disease Clinical Trials. Clincierge. Accessed 2022 July 25.  

Elligo Health Research® offers customized patient travel coordination, clinical trial participant reimbursement, and stipend solutions to enhance patient centricity, increase retention, and fast-track study completion.

Customized to meet the unique needs of every individual patient, Elligo’s patient travel services include: 

  • Concierge-level support with flight, hotel, and ground transportation coordination 
  • Booking options and assistance 
  • 24/7 assistance 
  • Trusted vendors with reduced rates and enhanced services 
  • Special request assistance (e.g., wheelchair accessibility) 

Elligo offers detailed review and quality assurance of patient receipts, expense reports, and more: 

  • An easy-to-use platform for patients, caregivers, and sites 
  • A mobile application for on-the-go submissions 
  • Real-time review 
  • Trackable funds and reimbursement approvals 

Elligo helps quickly confirm completed visits for fast payments with: 

  • Immediate payout per completed visit  
  • Customizable stipend options per site 
  • A streamlined process to increase retention 

Helping patients with travel needs will reduce their burden and make it easier for them to participate in research. 

We just wanted to thank you and your employees for all the professional and kind care they gave us during the past year. Everyone from the schedulers to the drivers were so great and responsive to any of our requests or needs. They really made a difficult time in our lives easier, and we appreciate them so much.”

— Patient Travel Services Participant