ClinEdge Research Practice Management

Customized Solutions That Seamlessly Support You Through Every Stage of Every Study

By providing the resources, services, and governance best suited to a site client’s infrastructure, ClinEdge Research Practice Management streamlines operational processes to improve overall access to trials and trial conduct.

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PoweredBy: Full Site Solution

PoweredBy is a partnership model in which Elligo Health Research® provides extensive E2E business development, regulatory, operational, and clinical support services and technology to enable our healthcare partners’ research teams to engage in clinical research successfully and sustainably. 

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Our Unique Goes Direct® Approach Expands Clinical Research Opportunities

Elligo serves as a conduit to facilitate the benefits of clinical research as care. Our Goes Direct approach identifies patients for research studies, then provides physicians with the infrastructure, technology, processes, and expert personnel to seamlessly integrate and support clinical research within local hospitals, clinics, and practices.