Access Exclusive Clinical Trials in High-Interest Therapeutic Areas

Elligo Health Research’s Study Marketplace, available to all sites in the Elligo Research Network, effortlessly puts more clinical trials in your pipeline so you can grow your revenue and augment your patient care while advancing the development of new medicines and therapies. 

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Clinical Trial Physicians! Got a Therapeutic Interest? We’ve Got a Study.

Through established partnerships with leading sponsors and CROs, an in-house research process, and a dedicated trial acquisition team, Elligo provides research partner sites with a robust pipeline of exclusive study opportunities in high-interest indications that are aligned with their therapeutic focus and their patients’ needs.

Over 1,000 Trials Supported for 90+ Sponsors and CROs

  • A dedicated trial acquisition team identifies and sources study opportunities in advance of site identification, putting you in the best position to be awarded  
  • Access exclusive trials through our strong partnerships 
  • Find studies tailored to your interests and patients’ needs to offer new research as care options

The IntElligo® Study Marketplace is a one-stop, user-friendly portal that allows you to:  

  • Review and apply for new study opportunities  
  • Track application progress 
  • Review up-to-date study documents 
  • Collaborate with team members  

Available soon to all sites!

  • Overall feasibility strategy guidance 
  • Customized services including:  
    • Expert insights into sponsor and CRO expectations 
    • Custom questionnaires 
    • Proprietary technology

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