If you want your psychedelic clinical trial to shape the future of mental healthcare, you need Elligo Health Research®.

Working at the forefront of this exciting new field, Elligo offers a meticulously built network of psychedelic research sites, custom solutions, expert guidance, and comprehensive technology to propel your trial forward.

Pioneering Solutions for Psychedelic Research  

By joining forces with Elligo, you get the infrastructure and support you need for reliable, high-quality, and cutting-edge research.

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The Largest Psychedelic Research Center Network

Environment is essential for psychedelic therapy research. Not only is Elligo’s psychedelic network the largest, but it also is comprised of vetted sites hand-selected for their serene, spa-like atmospheres and abilities to handle the unique demands of psychedelic trials.

Customized Support

Elligo is your partner in progress, offering personalized psychedelic study solutions bolstered by experience and a deep understanding of the field. Explore our study solutions.

End-to-End Technology 

From data management and patient engagement to study conduct, eSource solutions, and more, Elligo’s technology platforms give your psychedelic therapy research a competitive edge. Learn more about our technology.

Constant Innovation  

Elligo is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in psychedelic therapy. Our network is continually expanding and evolving to meet the needs of this dynamic field, allowing you to develop desperately needed care. Learn more about the future of psychedelic trials.

The Expert Your Psychedelic Clinical Trial Needs  

Angela Terhune-Hargrove, MHA, is an accomplished senior business development and clinical research professional within the pharmaceutical/CRO, psychedelic research, CNS, biotech, OTC, cannabis, and dietary supplements industries. She is known for fostering and leading teams that transform patient care and optimize operations.

As Elligo’s in-house psychedelic research specialist, Angela’s expertise will be at your disposal from study open to study close. Whether you have questions about the patient’s psychedelic experience, how best to optimize the study space, or any other psychedelic topic, she is ready to help you become a pioneer in this life-changing field.

I know first-hand the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. A few years ago, a loved one was struggling with addiction, anxiety, and depression. We tried everything within the traditional mental health industry, but his condition only worsened. Then I came across a lesser-known drug that gave him his life back — a drug he wouldn’t have accessed without pioneering research. Using my decades of experience in traditional mental health, I have made it my priority to help make connections in this new emerging market, a market I believe will change the world.” – Angela

Usher in a New Era of Mental Health

By partnering with Elligo for your psychedelic therapy research, you won’t just conduct trials — you’ll create possibilities.

When you need direct access to physicians and their known patients or research practice management solutions to accelerate your psychedelic clinical trials, there’s Only Elligo.

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When you need direct access to physicians and their known patients or research practice management solutions to accelerate your clinical trials, there’s Only Elligo.

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