In our modern world, technology is essential for clinical trial management. But so often, research technology is a hindrance rather than a help. Many platforms aren’t designed to work where research actually happens, in a real-world healthcare environment. As such, you and your team are left with mountains of extra work reentering and analyzing data, accomplishing administrative tasks, and managing the overall study workflow.

Why not make your research technology work for you and choose a platform that meets your study’s needs? Here are five features a research platform must have if it’s going to properly enable your research.

1) Patient Identification and Recruitment

Most trials lose their way while finding and enrolling patients, making a research platform that helps identify and recruit patients incredibly valuable.

Choose technology that’s connected to electronic health records so you can quickly search for patients who fit your inclusion/exclusion criteria, connect with them through their healthcare providers, and get them enrolled into your trial, saving you time and money. Also look for a platform that tracks your pre-screening workflow, allowing you to spot problems before they slow you down.

2) Standards-Based Study Data Collection

Proper clinical data management is essential for study success, especially patient source data collection. The quality of your trial’s raw data collection has a direct impact on its usable data output, making standards-based patient data collection a must-have feature in a research platform.

A platform that helps collect standards-based study data in accordance with Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH) requirements by aligning with the healthcare workflow can only improve data transparency and collection.

3) Study Tracking and Management

Clinical trials are intricate puzzles made up of a thousand tiny but vital moving pieces. That’s why an all-inclusive research platform is an excellent way to manage and track your study. Trust your research to an end-to-end platform with a management dashboard that displays all the information you need to keep your trial on track such as milestones, tasks, protocol progress, contact information, and more.

4) Financial Automation

If clinical trials are puzzles, finances are the notches that fit every piece together. From payments and reimbursements to budgets, grants, and more, a research platform can help expedite your study financials to accelerate the entire study process. Look for a platform that automates financial tasks and reporting to improve compliance and increase transparency throughout the trial.

5) Data Interoperability

As wonderful as it would be if every single vendor involved in your trial used the same platform, that future is still far off. Until it’s here, data interoperability must be a priority when choosing technology for your trial.

Look for a platform that collects trial information in CDISC CDASH standards and seamlessly integrates with other key vendors, such as patient stipend, external recruitment, and EDC systems as well as data warehouses using ODM interchange format.

Looking for a Platform With All Five Features?

Elligo Health Research’s IntElligo® Research Stack technology is a healthcare-enabling workflow tool designed to enhance trials from feasibility through submission. Aiding in everything from patient identification and recruitment to data interoperability, it enables simple, standard, and efficient patient source data collection, real-time data updates and analytics, and streamlined study operations, allowing you to go from protocol to system ready in just 72 hours.

IntElligo is the only clinical research system designed to work in a real-world healthcare environment, collecting data at the point of care in CDISC global research data standard and automatically using it for regulatory compliance and study operational management. By automating administrative tasks, alerting for any quality issues, and streamlining data output, it also accelerates studies to save time, money, and resources.

Only IntElligo Accelerates Your Research

If you’re looking for a trial platform that meets all your needs, from patient identification and recruitment to data collection, study management, financial automation, and data interoperability, there’s only IntElligo.

Contact us today to discuss what IntElligo can do for your trial.

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