May 20-23, 2018
Arlington, VA

Fill Your Trials and Improve Patient Care

Our Goes Direct™ approach redefines the clinical trial process — finding and identifying patients for studies, then providing their physicians with the personnel, procedures, technology and infrastructure to conduct them in their own practices. Not only do patients gain access to treatments they might not have had otherwise, but they receive these treatments closer to the comforts of home and under the care of their trusted physician.

Visit our booth at MAGI East to learn how you can partner with us to:

  • Increase the number of study opportunities
  • Improve your trial management
  • Streamline research operations
  • Oversee key aspects of your trials including enrolling hard-to-find patients

Join Us for an Insightful Presentation

E312: Does Your Site’s Quality Management System Measure Up?
Monday, May 21
10:30 a.m.


Wade Strzinek
Senior Director of Business Development
Elligo Health Research

Dr. Ali Sonel
Chief of Staff
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

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