AUSTIN, Texas; May 3, 2022 (Business Wire) Elligo Health Research®, the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization, today announced a new collaboration with WHYZE Health, a digital platform that strives to unify research, healthcare, and patient data — an integration that gives patients more control over their healthcare data and will break down barriers for participation in clinical trials. WHYZE Health CMO, Professor Frank Sullivan, and CEO of Elligo, John Potthoff, Ph.D., announce that their two companies will be jointly forming a European Medical Advisory Committee and inviting others in healthcare and clinical trials to join. The committee’s mission is to connect and empower more physicians, patients, and population health stakeholders to get access to the right clinical trials.

“The current landscape for clinical research relies on doctors to encourage patients to seek out clinical trials,” said Christian Burns, President, Elligo International. “However, the WHYZE Health platform will empower patients to bring research options to their doctors as well, eliminating the siloed approach to patient care and the housing of patient records. Building on Elligo’s experience with over 600 community-based healthcare practices and their data, the goal is to enable clinical trials within WHYZE’s access to local healthcare providers to raise awareness of clinical trials, increase patient and physician participation, and encourage research as care — leading to better patient outcomes, more efficient healthcare systems, and better health economics.”

The objective of the WHYZE Health platform is to revolutionize healthcare by creating a fully connected digital ecosystem that allows the exchange of validated, structured, and up-to-date health data. With WHYZE:

  • Patient users of the application will have access to and be able to share their fully portable healthcare information with population health and healthcare organizations. The platform uses real-world evidence to provide up-to-date information on the best available treatment options, centers, and support networks.
  • Physician users of the application will be able to streamline patient care by communicating freely with patient users and other physicians and providers that are approved by the patient. This can reduce diagnostic timelines and improve healthcare outcomes.
  • Clinical research organization users of the application will be able to access patient consented data through a secured exchange for clinical trials.

“WHYZE and Elligo together seek to create innovative solutions that utilize industry standards and healthcare data to fundamentally improve regulated clinical research — traditional, hybrid, and at-home studies — and accelerate research conclusions,” said WHYZE Health CEO Frances Abeton, MBA. “This is the next evolution of healthcare to enable all stakeholders to facilitate a patient-centric collaborative care and research approach.”

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