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Only Elligo enables streamlined data collection from patient identification to study close.

Only Elligo can connect the best healthcare experts with the best research technologies and infrastructure via IntElligo. This state-of-the-art platform provides all clinical research stakeholders with real-time transparency into the patient’s entire journey while promoting study efficiency with streamlined data collection.

As the only clinical research platform designed to work in real-world healthcare, IntElligo collects data at the point of care using CDISC global research data standards and automatically prepares it for regulatory compliance and submission. By automating administrative tasks, alerting for any quality issues, and streamlining data output, IntElligo not only safeguards the integrity of the trusted physician and patient relationship but ensures optimized clinical trials from start to finish.

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Accelerated data collection

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Enhanced data output

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Real-time data updates and analytics

“We are so grateful that we chose Elligo to assist with our clinical trials. They’ve dramatically improved our ability to collect, manage, and analyze patient data through the IntElligo platform. Elligo provided a streamlined solution to efficiently recruit patients at a reduced cost. These advanced approaches to running our study enabled us to reduce the timeline versus all other quotes we received. These contributions will help us deliver innovative technology to patients and physicians on an expedited pathway.”

Erica Barnell, Ph.D.
Geneoscopy Inc.
Collecting data throughout the patient journey from identification to study close ePatientFinder® Outreach Identify eDirectSource® Screening Conduct/Ongoing Visits StudyWatch DirectPay

Identify and Recruit Patients

The ePatientFinder® feature reduces study startup time by using electronic health records to fill studies with patients from Elligo’s Research Ready network. The system uses a patent-pending process to identify patients and progress them through a configurable prescreening process.

Collect Standards-Based Study Data

The eDirectSource® feature improves data collection and quality by aligning with the healthcare workflow and collecting patient source data. Within this feature, patient source data collection requirements are aligned with CDISC standards, which facilitates data interoperability and ensures consistency across all healthcare partners and studies. As study coordinators and healthcare physicians record patient data, all necessary patient and financial tracking is automated.

Manage and Track Your Study

The StudyWatch feature is an all-inclusive, end-to-end study management dashboard that displays the tools you need to manage the overall study. From planning and preparation to performance and tracking, this feature establishes real-time transparency across the entire research spectrum — including study startup, study conduct, and issue management. A unique set of integrated analysis tools support the audit of key metrics and important performance indicators from your study. Data from real-world healthcare environments allow our dashboards to provide stakeholders with key insights to support study decisions.

Expedite Your Study Financials

The DirectPay feature automates financial tasks and reporting, providing transparency and improving compliance for clinical research. The system ties all financial transactions to source data and study milestones, allowing for real-time physician payment and patient stipend distribution. This feature provides transparency into all financial information relating to the study.

Prioritize Interoperability

IntElligo® Research Stack clinical technology prioritizes data interoperability by collecting trial information in CDISC CDASH standards, which facilitates integration with EDC systems and data warehouses using ODM interchange format.

Additionally, the system integrates with other key vendors including patient stipend and external recruitment systems. Automatically validating, monitoring and generating generic descriptive statistics of patient data provides study sponsors real-time transparency into the patient journey and allows them to make well-informed, proactive decisions.


  • Easier oversight
  • Remote reviews
  • Reduced tracking
  • Easier access to data
  • Support for healthcare workflow
  • Faster payments


  • Improved visibility
  • Remote monitoring
  • Transparency to real-time patient journey
  • Interoperability
  • Patient centricity
  • PI satisfaction
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  • Quality oversight
  • Efficient study conduct
  • Real-time transparency
  • Paperless study conduct
  • Automated study administration processes

Notes From Our Network

“Endometriosis is routinely a hard disease to treat. Incorporating research into our practice gives us the ability to serve patients who are not seeing the results they want with existing medications or current treatment options.”

Dr. Ronald Hirth
Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology