Day 1:

Consider promotions items to your patients!  Think blanket or mug, or anything to make them more comfortable

Day 2:

A thank you note can go a long way for patients in clinical trials too!

Day 3:

Give your patients a study welcome letter signed by the program leader and patient PI or physician

Day 4:

It’s the holidays, proactively encourage your staff about any possible adaptations that could be proposed to further accommodate around holiday schedules

Day 5:

Address any transportation or compliance difficulties if a caregiver may be busy

Day 6:

Create a Patient e-newsletter!  It helps to show off your sites holiday spirit

Day 7:

Make Patient parking free for the next two weeks!  A little bit goes a long way

Day 8:

Provide extra holiday snacks or candy if you are able- ensure you have a variety of options!

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