The COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for almost every person working in every industry across the globe—including clinical research. However, unlike other industries, research could not stop or even slow down. Lives depend on progress. A prime example of research’s resiliency and creativity during the pandemic was the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. How did such clinical trials enroll and run at the height of a global pandemic?

With Elligo Health Research® as a partner.

This case study tells the story of one such vaccine trial. The client partnered with Elligo to efficiently enroll and manage their study. The clinical trial faced four main challenges that necessitated comprehensive and custom services:

  1. Speed – Lives depended on the COVID-19 vaccine, so an accelerated timeline was required
  2. High Volume – Like all vaccine trials, this study necessitated a large amount of participants enrolled and retained over a long period as well as large numbers of sites and supporting staff
  3. New-to-Research Sites – The study’s new sites required extra assistance and management
  4. The Pandemic – Because the trial began at the height of the pandemic, it faced extra obstacles from supply chain breakdowns and staffing to remote monitoring, exposure and illness quarantining, and protocol changes

Download the case study now to learn how Elligo overcame these challenges with a mix of innovation, customized solutions, and dogged determination to ultimately exceed the client’s expectations and accelerate the development of a life-saving vaccine.

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