Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect® identification and engagement model reduces recruitment costs, accelerates study timelines, and improves patient centricity. But how?

In this blog series, we will explore how this unique patient identification and engagement model improves upon standard patient enrollment methods to accelerate clinical trials for the benefit of patients, physicians, and sponsors alike. In this installment, we’re looking at how Elligo identifies and engages clinical research patients, resulting in an efficient start of protocol implementation.

PatientSelect® Delivers True Pre-Screening

In traditional patient recruitment, the site undergoes extensive startup preparation, training, and staff allocation only to wait for qualifiable patients to walk through the door. This “wait and see” approach, when combined with the understandable expectation that unknown patients presenting with unknown motivations are unlikely to pass screening, starts protocol implementation in a slow, unfocused way likely to induce protocol errors.

Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect® model offers true, extensive pre-screening before the very first patient contact. Such identification and engagement provide a large pool of known, highly vetted patients from which to select, resulting in a higher likelihood patients will consent to participate, pass screening, and adhere to the protocol and therefore a more streamlined implementation with fewer errors.

PatientSelect®’s Virtual Waiting Room Offers Security in Implementation

Due to traditional recruitment’s imprecise methods, patients present to the site for the first time with inadequate records, a poorly characterized clinical picture, and an unknown probability of screen pass. The patients who do pass screening and are enrolled end up waiting because the site has no information about when the next patient might trickle in, if ever. Sites left hanging between each enrollment lose focus, opening the study up to more delays.

The PatientSelect® model, however, accrues all the patients for each study before any one patient is enrolled. Every identified patient is saved in a virtual waiting room — a “waiting room” where patients who want to participate in clinical research can learn more about studies, manage their enrollment activities, and speak with concierge specialists — and is therefore ready to go, allowing sites to plan for an orderly protocol implementation that is right for the patients, the site, and the study.

The virtual waiting room also provides security should something unforeseen occur. Since patients in the waiting room are ready to go, implementation can easily be paused for corrections or retraining without derailing recruitment.

PatientSelect® Enables Dedicated Focus of Staff and Cost-Effective Allocation of Equipment

Because traditional patient recruitment often runs over a long, unknown period, it also often happens in parallel with protocol implementation. Sites are then forced to focus on both activities at once, splitting their bandwidth and resources. Additionally, protocol implementation is complex, and staff will invariably need to re-focus and re-train when trials are dragged out by achingly slow patient accrual.

With Elligo’s PatientSelect® model, protocol implementation happens after patient identification and engagement. Because sites don’t need to split their focus, implementation can happen faster, helping sites efficiently allocate their time and resources and allowing studies to remain on time and on budget.

Streamline Your Protocol Implementation With PatientSelect®

Elligo’s PatientSelect® model gives you direct access to patients and their health data and quickly finds known patients for your specific protocol, effectively reducing your recruitment costs, accelerating your study timeline, and keeping the focus where it belongs, on patients.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can accelerate your study with PatientSelect®. Be on the lookout for next week’s blog on how Elligo’s patient-ready protocol provides better data.

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