Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect® identification and engagement model reduces recruitment costs, accelerates study timelines, and improves patient centricity. But how?

In this blog series, we will explore how this unique patient identification and engagement model improves upon standard patient enrollment methods to accelerate clinical trials for the benefit of patients, physicians, and sponsors alike.

This blog looks at how Elligo reduces risk and increases certainty for an efficient start of protocol implementation.

PatientSelect® Ensures a Low Screen Fail Rate   

Traditional recruitment brings in unknown patients, often without complete medical records or even accurate information on current conditions. These unknown patients present for the first time at the investigative site, sometimes passing screening by chance. But most often unknown patients are assessed and found ineligible based on inclusion/exclusion criteria, resulting in a high screen fail rate.

Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect® identification and engagement model, however, includes expert review of medical records, contact with patients’ physicians, and other pre-screening steps, resulting in a very low screen fail rate.

The known patients identified and engaged with through PatientSelect® are more likely to pass screening because they’ve been carefully processed prior to presenting at the investigative site. Experts review each patient’s medical records in depth and select only those with the right clinical picture for the trial. Experts also contact each patient’s trusted doctor for a thorough discussion on the doctor’s experience with the patient through the lens of the trial’s inclusion/exclusion criteria. Only patients likely to pass screening are selected. Simply put, the PatientSelect® identification and engagement model leaves very little to chance, increasing your certainty in recruitment.

PatientSelect® Efficiently Starts Protocol Implementation

The high screen fail rate associated with traditional patient recruitment is demoralizing to sites and frustrating to remaining patients. After all, humans can only tolerate certain levels of dissatisfaction and disappointment before we give up. This repeated unsuccessful screen experience can also lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy that the protocol is hard to enroll, resulting in further difficulties finding and enrolling patients. What do you get when you combine sluggish enrollment, discouraged staff, and exasperated patients? An inefficient start of protocol implementation blossoming into missed deadlines and wasted money.

Because the PatientSelect® model includes medical record review, contact with physicians, and other assessments, each selected patient is very likely to pass screening, leading to an orderly, efficient start of protocol implementation which, in turn, keeps studies on time and on budget.

Increase Certainty in Your Patient Identification & Engagement

Elligo’s PatientSelect® model gives you direct access to patients and their health data and quickly finds known patients for your specific protocol, effectively reducing your recruitment costs, accelerating your study timeline, and keeping the focus where it belongs, on patients.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can accelerate your study with PatientSelect®. Be on the lookout for next week’s blog on how Elligo can streamline protocol implementation.

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