The Elligo design team has recently completed yet another full briefing booklet and website design for the Global Health Council (GHC), the leading membership organization supporting and connecting advocates, implementers, and stakeholders around global health priorities worldwide. The booklet and website both serve as a resource to document how U.S. investments have and can make a difference in the lives of individuals and families all around the world.

Elligo had the pleasure of working with Global Health Council leaders to combine and format research, statistics, and findings into the 2021 Briefing Book, which includes 48 pages of research and development in global health. This booklet features a wide variety of topics including strides taken towards Malaria prevention, water and sanitation standards in varying countries, and of course, the impacts of COVID-19 across the globe; it even includes specific recommendations for Congress to continue the initiatives carried out through the GHC.

The vast amount of research and development that was able to be transformed and simplified into a well-designed, easy to comprehend briefing book has given the Global Health Council the ability to effectively and professionally present their findings to the key decision makers that help assist in many of the initiatives that GHC carries out.

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