Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect® identification and engagement model reduces recruitment costs, accelerates study timelines, and improves patient centricity. But how?

In this blog series, we will explore how this unique patient identification and engagement model improves upon standard patient enrollment methods to accelerate clinical trials for the benefit of patients, physicians, and sponsors alike.

In the final blog of the series, we’re looking at how our PatientSelect® model finds known patients who produce data better suited to the intended use population.

PatientSelect® Identifies Known Patients Who Produce Better Data

In traditional patient recruitment, professional patients, research-naïve patients, and patients who inaccurately represent their clinical picture often present to a site for enrollment in a study. Screening out “low-quality” patients takes time, effort, and money and, when they slip through the cracks and are enrolled into the study, they end up producing low-quality data.

Because these patients don’t match up perfectly with the study requirements and can’t be trusted to properly perform the protocol, the resulting data are often not an adequate representation of the intended use population and might garner treatments that won’t properly serve or might even be unsafe for intended recipients.

Elligo’s PatientSelect® model, however, identifies known patients who are not only pre-vetted for protocol inclusion through HIPAA-compliant identified EHR data from over 40 leading EHR platforms but who are also engaged with by their trusted physician. Known patients originating from and joining the protocol within their own healthcare settings, with well-vetted medical records, match up with the study requirements and can be trusted to properly perform the protocol, resulting in data more generalizable to the intended use population. Simply put, known patients produce better data.

PatientSelect® Finds Known Patients Likely to Report More Completely and Accurately

Data relying on self-report, including essential information on adverse events, are subject to variability in patient accuracy, understanding, and thoroughness. Unfortunately, sites and sponsors can’t rely on previously unknown patients enrolled through traditional methods to accurately and thoroughly self-report. How can you trust someone you don’t have a prior relationship with? Perhaps more importantly, if you can’t trust the research patients to properly self-report, how can you trust the resulting data will be enough to ensure the safety of future patients?

Because the PatientSelect® model utilizes the trusted patient-physician relationship to identify and engage with patients, the resulting participants are well-known in their reliability, comprehension, and thoroughness, and will therefore self-report more completely and accurately.

PatientSelect® Offers Better Data in the Face of Setbacks or Challenges

From protocol changes and timeline delays to technology problems, almost every study faces setbacks. Because previously unknown patients enrolled through traditional methods don’t have relationships with the site staff or physician, they have less motivation to perform all protocol requirements and stay with the trial in the face of challenges.

The known patients identified and engaged with through the PatientSelect® model, however, have long-standing, trusted relationships with the study physicians and sites. These relationships provide motivation to stick with the trial even if problems arise. Additionally, known patients are more likely to reach out to their trusted physician or healthcare location for assistance with the protocol, technology, or self-reporting, further ensuring better data throughout the study.

Accelerate Your Clinical Trial Through Healthcare With PatientSelect®

Elligo’s PatientSelect® model gives you direct access to patients and their health data and quickly finds known patients for your specific protocol. The result? Reduced recruitment costs, an accelerated trial timeline, and a study that keeps the focus where it belongs, on patients.

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