Only Elligo Reduces Risk in Your Clinical Research Patient Identification

Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect model reduces recruitment costs and challenges, accelerates study timelines, and improves patient centricity. But how?

In this blog series, we will explore how this unique patient identification and engagement model improves upon standard patient enrollment methods to accelerate clinical trials for the benefit of patients, physicians, and sponsors alike. This week, we’re looking at how Elligo reduces your recruitment risk to save you time and money.

Traditional Recruitment Leaves a Lot to Chance

In traditional recruitment, random patients respond to study ads or see lists online from which they select studies they want to participate in. These unknown patients must then properly complete lengthy pre-screen surveys and, if they appear to be qualified based on their unverified answers, agree to participate in the trial. However, factors vital for the study’s success, including the patient’s true medical condition, motivation for participating, and willingness and ability to adhere to the protocol, are unknown.

In this method, any successful patient enrollment is completely by chance, leaving the sponsor holding substantial risk of delay and lost revenue. Additionally, the truth of the patient’s medical history, background, motivation, willingness, and ability are only revealed through protocol implementation after they’ve joined the ITT population, further increasing the risk of blown timelines and budgets.

In fact, 80% of clinical trials experience interruptions because of faulty enrollment methods, leading to $600K-$8M in lost revenue per day delayed to market.1,2 Furthermore, enrollment issues also lead to problems with site coordination and start up as sites, like patients, need to be prepared for trial start. If there are no patients or the enrolled patients continually drop out because they don’t fit the requirements, the sites sit empty after SIV, squandering time, effort, and even more money.

PatientSelect Includes an Intensive Process Prior to First Patient Contact

Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect identification and engagement model offers an intensive process prior to first contact between the patient and the study managers, including expert review of medical records and discussions with patients’ trusted physicians, thereby reducing recruitment risk and improving study security.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for random patients to respond to an ad or find the study online, PatientSelect performs a protocol-driven search of HIPAA-compliant identified EHR data from over 40 leading EHR platforms to find likely patients and their medical records. Experts then examine individual records to ensure protocol elements and other considerations match the study requirements.

Next, the coordinating principal investigator meets with the patient’s trusted physician to go over the medical records in detail, discuss the physician’s personal knowledge of the patient, and come to a joint decision on patient selection. This step further ensures the patient meets the study requirements and reduces the risk of poor patient motivation or inadequate protocol adherence. Finally, the best candidates are invited to participate by their physicians and, because the recruitment outreach is an extension of trusted relationships, the patients are more likely to pass screening and adhere to the protocol.

This thorough process is why we call PatientSelect an identification and engagement model rather than a recruitment or enrollment approach. Unlike other methods, PatientSelect carefully identifies each patient and engages with them through their trusted physician to reduce risk and increase certainty.

Accelerate Your Trial Through Healthcare

Elligo’s PatientSelect model gives you direct access to patients and their health data and quickly finds known patients for your specific protocol, effectively reducing your recruitment costs, accelerating your study timeline, and keeping the focus where it belongs, on patients.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can accelerate your study with PatientSelect. Be on the lookout for next week’s blog on how we can increase your certainty in recruitment.


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