Whether you’re new to clinical research or are an experienced site, you can’t succeed without a robust pipeline or an efficient process. However, achieving both while managing patient care is much easier said than done. What can you do? How can you balance patient care with the demands of serving as a site?

Elligo Health Research’s PatientSelect Model is uniquely designed to support research sites so they can focus on their patients. It offers access to exclusive studies tailored to your interests and patient needs as well as solutions that decrease the traditional burden associated with conducting clinical trials, such as:

  • Study start up, regulatory, IRB, and vendor coordination
  • Patient identification, recruitment, and enrollment
  • Comprehensive training for each protocol
  • Accelerated and efficient study matching to patient needs through deidentified EHR data
  • The coordination of operational and administrative activities
  • Application of a robust, multifaceted technology platform.

By emphasizing and supporting the trusted patient-physician relationship, PatientSelect improves the patient experience, increases your bottom line, expands your study pipeline, and enhances your productivity while helping you accelerate the advancement of medicine and bring new research as care options to your patients.

This information sheet provides more details on the benefits PatientSelect offers you, your patients, and your research practice. Contact our team to learn more, or download the information sheet now to discover how Elligo and our unique offerings can minimize enrollment times, maximize clinical research operations, and improve overall trial performance for the benefit of your patients.

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