Date: Mar 25, 2020 2:00 PM EST

All of us are working through an uncertain time as we try to navigate what the COVID-19 pandemic will mean for our industry.

To help cope with the unusual circumstances of these strange days, we are starting a webinar series focused on Adjusting & Managing the COVID-19 Epidemic in Real Time. In this special webinar for ClinEdge and BTC Network clients, Associate Director of Site Strategy Chris Monaghan will be reviewing helping adapt your sites financial strategy as we move into the unknown with the Coronavirus Pandemic. Re-aligning the site budget will be critical as we amend protocols and implement new strategies to maximize protocol compliance and assure patient safety. Topics to discuss and review include:Site Financials

  • Business Loan Options
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Business Planning and Continuation

Study Financials

  • Study review and self audit
  • Contract and Budget changes to reflect the new clinical trial process
  • Accounts Receivable Review
  • Cashflow Management
Chris Monaghan
Associate Director of Site Strategy

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