Site Business Trends 2021: What to Expect & How to Remain Competitive

Date: Feb 25, 2021 12:00 PM EST

In 2020 we experienced many changes to the clinical research space that had a direct impact on the way that sites operate. Changes in areas such as trial design, technology, systems, and the patient experience. As a result, sites had to adapt more quickly than any other time in recent memory. To help sites themselves up for continued success, this webinar will review changes and trends that emerged in 2020 along with what to expect in 2021.

By attending this webinar, you will

  • Learn about the 2020 macro trends and their impact on research sites
  • Understand the implication of these trends for site operations and patient participation in 2021
  • Gain valuable insights on how to remain competitive and set your site up for success for the rest of this year and beyond


Riley Kammer
Director of Business Development

Riley works with both sites and sponsors/CROs in a variety of capacities to optimize and streamline key processes for improved operational efficiencies. “My position is most rewarding when our site clients are awarded competitive studies in high interest indications.”