El Paso Texas Positions Region as Future Hispanic-Centric Clinical Research Hub

Elligo is positioned to help the city of El Paso, Texas catalyze clinical trial growth in the region. This story in TrialSite News explores the growth of El Paso and how, in conjunction with efforts of organizations like the Medical Center of Americas Foundation, Elligo is helping awaken clinical research in the region by using IntElligo Research Stack™ to identify potential patients in the area for clinical trials.

Elligo Initiatives Promote Patient Population Diversity

Our CEO, John Potthoff, is passionate about bringing access to clinical care to diverse populations. In this article with Outsourcing-Pharma, he talks about the patient populations that are often missed, why diversity is critical, and how Elligo is actively finding solutions.

Elligo Leading the Clinical Research as a Care Option Movement

Bringing patients closer to clinical research improves patient engagement and outcomes. Patients get access to the latest research and treatment opportunities, and clinical research can decrease the overall cost of care for both the patient and the health system, as well.

But reaching patient populations can be a very real challenge. Elligo tackles that challenge head on by going directly into communities to connect with the practices and patients, decreasing barriers to access and participation.

Putting Healthcare IoT in the Home

As technologies advance, helping providers stay connected to patients through remote monitoring using the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more realistic. In this PharmaVOICE article, however, Rebecca Kush, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at Elligo, discusses some of the risks related to insurance and advises that IoT must prove its value before being implemented as a solution for healthcare needs.

The Uptick in AI Use Will Bring Pharma Into the Future Faster

In this PharmaVOICE article, industry experts weigh in on the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020. Rebecca Kush, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at Elligo, gives her perspective, which includes advice to ensure the quality and variety of the underlying data that powers it. She also shares her opinion on where AI would be most valuable: on larger studies, safety or post-marketing studies, and feasibility studies based on real-world data.

Less Disruption Please

Disruption of old processes by new technologies may be a positive concept and may stimulate innovation; however, we must acknowledge that disruption is not what patients seek, especially when considering their healthcare, their well-being, and their livelihood. Learn why disruption is occurring and the approaches that must be taken to eliminate this disruption for patients and other stakeholders to smooth the path toward better participation in this Applied Clinical Trials article co-authored by Rebecca Kush, Ph.D., scientific innovation officer, and John Potthoff, Ph.D., CEO at Elligo Health Research.

Pushing Research to Its Full Potential

Learn how novel innovations in technology and infrastructure can preserve the physician-patient relationship in this Contract Pharma article by Rebecca Kush, Ph.D., scientific innovation officer at Elligo Health Research.

The Turning Point for Clinical Research: Global Data Standardization

What advantages do global data standardization bring to clinical research and the patients it serves? Learn how fine-tuning regulatory submissions and improving policymaking are expected to help ensure the meaningful exchange of trial data in this Applied Clinical Trials article co-authored by Rebecca Kush, Ph.D., scientific innovation officer at Elligo Health Research.

Startups Aim to Fix ‘Broken’ Clinical Trials System

The Wall Street Journal interviewed John Potthoff, Ph.D., CEO at Elligo Health Research, about Elligo’s model that makes it easier for physician practices to participate in clinical research. Elligo is one of several startups mentioned that are working in significant ways to improve clinical research.

Bringing Clinical Research Direct to Clinical Health Care: Elligo Health Research, a Health Care Company, Plans to Continue to Enhance Tech Solutions that Improve Efficiency

John Potthoff, Ph.D., CEO at Elligo Health Research, was interviewed for The Silicon Review’s “50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2018.” In his interview, Potthoff explained how Elligo’s work to streamline patient-oriented research is helping improve clinical research outcomes and close the gap between research and health care.