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Your Direct Access to the Right Physicians & Patients & Data

Only Elligo provides you with complete solutions for fully enrolled trials and commercialization success.

Only Elligo can conduct the most efficient and cost-effective trials to help accelerate and optimize the process toward getting your new products to market. As the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization, we partner with a range of physicians and healthcare communities to seamlessly integrate clinical trial execution into current workflows with the infrastructure and expert personnel needed for faster startups.

With the help of IntElligo, Elligo’s advanced technology platform, we utilize EHR data and leverage electronic health records to bring more patients clinical research as a healthcare option. With patient data access, we can better match your study criteria and streamline the process by automatically preparing data for submission and regulatory compliance, ultimately saving you time and resources across your drug development program.

Take Products to Market Faster


Improve patient recruitment, randomization, and retention


Full and secure remote monitoring capabilities


Use data from a diversified patient pool

Notes From Our Network

“I think having Elligo in the office has made the difference of me deciding personally to participate … because it takes a large majority of the responsibility off of me. It seems overwhelming and daunting to a physician who’s never had a background in research to try and take that on and offer it. Where do you start? They take care of all the research requirements and I just have to be the medical provider that I know how to be.”

Dr. Capet
Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility