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Increase Clinical Trial Revenue and Augment Patient Care While Advancing the Development of New Medicines and Therapies

Whether you’re an experienced clinical research site or are new to research, the demands on your attention are overwhelming. You must care for your patients, keep your trials running smoothly and on time, and be profitable. You need to manage all this and more while continuing to find the right studies for the benefit of your business and your patients, but how?

Join the Elligo Research Network to build your pipeline of high-interest trials, increase your revenue, and augment your patient care while efficiently advancing the development of new medicines and therapies.


“University Health is an academic medical center preparing to begin our second study with Elligo. We enrolled over 150 participants in our first study, breaking our record as the highest-enrolling study we have conducted at our site.

Elligo offers many resources and tools to help conduct a study that are tailored to meet our specific needs. We like that Elligo uses a central IRB which helped us quickly meet and maintain the regulatory requirements. We found Elligo’s electronic data collection system fast and easy to learn. 

Like health systems across the country, our site faces staffing shortages, so we are excited about a new Elligo program which provides a trained study coordinator directly to our site to assist with anything from study startup and regulatory requirements to enrolling patients and processing labs. We have found the Elligo systems to be user friendly. The entire Elligo team has been top notch from day one and a pleasure to work with.”
–Elligo Research Network Member

Conduct Clinical Trials With Elligo

At Elligo, we believe in the trusted patient-physician relationship. Founded in this belief, the Elligo Research Network provides research partner services to enhance site revenue and enable expanded research as care options for your patients.

While building a study pipeline with exclusive trials, we work closely with you to understand how best to support your patients, physicians, and staff.

In addition to traditional studies, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in PatientSelect trials, which optimize study outcomes and experience through the coordination of operational and administrative activities, emphasis on patient centricity, and utilization of a robust, multifaceted technology platform.

Finally, we offer customized and modular infrastructure with support options to meet your unique needs.

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Learn more about how Elligo increases your revenue and allows you to offer better care for your patients through an exclusive study pipeline while helping you advance the development of new medicines and therapies.

I’m New to Research

I’m Research Experienced