Building a group of physicians and practices ready to research.

We have focused the recruitment of our Research Ready sites in the specializations below. However, the flexibility of our Goes Direct® approach allows us to impact the lives of patients with any condition in any therapeutic area that is currently recruiting for studies. Don’t hesitate to reach out if your area is not listed.

Women’s Health

There’s a striking difference in diseases that affect women versus men and it’s important to focus on them separately. We have an array of research sites with physicians and patients who work to improve the quality of life for women around the world.

19 Sites
115 Physicians
430,409 Patients

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From acid reflux and heartburn to Crohn’s disease and cancer, gastrointestinal (GI) indications can be both temporary and terminal. Our Research Ready network supports new research for GI diseases with focused sites, experienced physicians and heroic patients every day.

10 Sites
68 Physicians
135,391 Patients


New urologic disease treatments and techniques improve patient quality of life around the world every day. Our network of Research Ready sites, physicians and patients are dedicated to making those advancements a reality in a host of new studies.

2 Sites
25 Physicians
69,462 Patients

General Practice

General practice physicians diagnose and treat diseases that impact the greater population every day. When traditional treatments are no longer working, our Research Ready sites and physicians are prepared to offer research as a care option for patients in a number of studies.

23 Sites
108 Physicians
340,043 Patients


Whether it’s constant or fleeting, pain can be debilitating and tricky to treat. Our network of Research Ready sites and physicians are conducting research to find new ways for patients to manage pain.

3 Sites
12 Physicians
19,900 Patients


2 Sites
20 Physicians
20,000 Patients


1 Sites
12 Physicians
13,200 Patients