Traditional Research DOESN’T HAVE TO BE Your Tradition

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Twinkling lights and smiling snowmen. Candles in the window and cocoa by the fire. Singing, sledding, big presents, and even bigger meals. 

Traditions are traditions for a reason — they’re cozy and comforting. But what if, when we’re wrapped in the warmth of our traditions, we miss out on something new and groundbreaking? 

Oftentimes, just outside tradition, something magical is waiting… 

Start a New Trial Tradition With Elligo  

Elligo Health Research® optimizes clinical trials through the intersection of research and healthcare.  

By offering direct patient access, elite sites, and comprehensive, technology-powered solutions to all research
stakeholders, we’re creating nontraditional trial traditions that will positively impact lives around the globe.

New Traditions for Clinical Research Sponsors

Old Tradition:

Finding patients through routine methods


  • Delayed timelines
  • High dropout rates

New Tradition:

PatientSelect® uses EHR data to access known patients from more than 115 hospitals and major health systems, 200 healthcare-based sites, and 100 research-based sites.


  • Brings millions of untapped patients into trials
  • 30% minority representation
  • 28% patient retention

Old Tradition:

Standard site selection


  • Generates hundreds of sites that may not always be a good fit for your trial

New Tradition:

SiteSelect provides a direct link to a curated list of elite research sites through our innovative Study Marketplace platform with over 500 subscribers.


  • Faster turnaround times
  • More precise study placement

New Traditions for Clinical Research Sites

Old Tradition:

Leaving sites to run studies on their own


  • Increased risk
  • Delayed timelines

New Tradition:

Research Partner Services enable research and healthcare-first sites to seamlessly participate in trials.


  • Enhanced data quality
  • Accelerated and diversified studies
  • Increased patient access to research as care

Open the Door to New
Research Possibilities  

Traditions will always be comfortable, and they’ll always be at your disposal. But maybe it’s time for something new. This year, traditional research doesn’t have to be your tradition. If you look at clinical trials with fresh eyes and dare to be different, you might accelerate your trial timelines, generate better data, or bring more patients research as a care option. You might save lives and make the world a happier, healthier place.  

This year, start a new trial tradition with Elligo.  

Greater Gift Magnitude of Gratitude

Share Your New Tradition and We’ll Donate to Greater Gift

Are you trying something new this holiday season? Creating a nontraditional tradition? Whether that means building a snowwoman, sharing your hot cocoa with a new friend, donating presents, or cooking a different dish, we want to hear about it! 

Share your nontraditional tradition and we’ll donate a vaccine on your behalf through Greater Gift, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides children in underdeveloped countries with lifesaving vaccines.  

Every new tradition shared is one vaccine given!  

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