As the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization, we maintain the integrity of the trusted patient and healthcare physician relationship, building local healthcare communities, and leveraging electronic health records to bring clinical research as a healthcare option to more patients.

Powered by IntElligo®, Elligo’s state-of-the-art technology platform, we provide flexible and agile multitherapeutic and geographic reach, enabling access to a spectrum of physicians and patients. Elligo delivers your complete solution for research and commercialization success by:

Engaging an ever-increasing number of healthcare physicians and their patients, reducing clinical trial delays

Activating physicians and healthcare communities for faster study startup in women’s health, multispecialty, CNS, and oncology, among other therapeutic areas

Providing physicians with the infrastructure and expert personnel to seamlessly integrate clinical trial execution into their current practices

Optimizing physician and research workflows by using the only research technology platform designed to work in a real-world healthcare environment

Only Elligo

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Only ElligoOnly ElligoOnly ElligoOnly Elligo

Only Elligo takes research into the real world. When you need direct access to physicians, patients, and data to enable your healthcare research — there’s Only Elligo.

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With help from Elligo, the residents of El Paso, Texas, are gaining better access to healthcare, increasing their treatment options, and improving their outcomes. Learn the details in our documentary.

Only Elligo

brings patients closer to clinical research.

Bringing patients closer to clinical research improves patient engagement and outcomes. Patients gain access to the latest research and treatment opportunities, and clinical research serves to decrease the overall cost of care for both the patient and the healthcare system, as well.

However, reaching patient populations can be a real challenge. Elligo tackles that challenge head-on by going directly into communities to connect with practices and patients, decreasing barriers to access and participation.

Learn more about Elligo’s commitment to healthcare access for all patients.

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Changing the Paradigm

Engaging the 97%

Our Goes Direct® approach expands the base of physicians and their patients who otherwise would not participate in clinical trials.

Research has proven that patients prefer to engage in a study with their trusted healthcare physician. Unfortunately, only 3% of physicians are participating in clinical research. Only Elligo connects the best healthcare experts with the best research technologies and infrastructure to create the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization. We do this by maintaining the integrity of the trusted patient and healthcare physician relationship and leverages real-world data to close this gap without disrupting the patient.

Finding the 97 percent of lost physicians and patients is unique to Elligo. No other company Goes Direct.

Only Elligo is expanding clinical research opportunities.

Only Elligo is helping patients live happier, healthier lives by serving as a conduit to the benefits of clinical research as care. That’s why we developed the Goes Direct® approach, which provides the infrastructure, technology, and expertise necessary to expand the base of physicians and their patients who otherwise would not participate in clinical trials.

Notes From Our Research Ready Network

“We would not be doing research if it weren’t for Elligo — no one in our group has ever done it before. Elligo takes care of everything from identifying patients for a study to completing the paperwork.”

Dr. Ronald Hirth
Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology