Austin, Texas, June 20, 2019Elligo Health Research, a healthcare-enabling research organization, welcomes Brandon Cormier, Jody Casey, and Faith Holmes, MD, FAAFP, AAHPM, HMDC, to its team. The new team members are focused on supporting the company’s mission to connect more healthcare physicians and their patients to clinical research.

As chief commercial officer, Cormier will use his strength in sales and his industry relationships to support the company’s growth. Cormier has been in the health sciences industry for nearly 20 years, at companies like Syneos Health, Ventana Clinical Research, INC Research, GlaxoSmithKline, and DuPont Pharma.

Casey, Elligo’s new vice president, healthcare partnerships, has 20 years of sales knowledge that helps strengthen Elligo’s network of Research Ready physician practices. Her unique ability to build relationships and her passion for making a community impact helps physicians understand the full value of adding clinical research as a care option to their practice.

As Elligo’s medical director, Holmes is building the company’s communities of research and preparing its Research Ready partners to conduct research. Throughout her career in direct patient care and medical practice management, Holmes has gained perspective and medical knowledge that allows her to build rapport with study teams.

“As we grow, we are relying on the specialized knowledge and skills of our team,” said John Potthoff, PhD, CEO of Elligo. “Our newest members fill very important roles. They’re already making a positive impact in our efforts to prioritize research as a healthcare option.”


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Elligo Health Research accelerates the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic products. Powered by our novel IntElligo Research Stack™ clinical technology and Goes Direct® approach, we connect the best healthcare experts with the best research technologies and infrastructure, thereby becoming the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization. While maintaining the integrity of the trusted patient and healthcare physician relationship, we ensure all patients have access to clinical research as a care option by engaging healthcare physicians and their patients who otherwise would not participate in clinical research. We also leverage electronic health records to build local communities of research. Learn more at

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