It seems no industry is safe from the Great Resignation, including clinical research. A WCG survey of clinical trial sites reported in CenterWatch Weekly found that 52% of sites surveyed feel staffing is their greatest concern. These concerns are valid, as site staff are leaving research at incredible rates, with many resigning or retiring because of burnout.

The same survey reported that greater than 20% of respondents are turning over more than 26% of their staff every year. Beyond the obvious impact these challenges have on research operations, they’re also hurting site staff experience levels. Sites are hiring new people with less experience to simply fill open roles as fast as possible, leading to inexperienced research staff or dramatically longer training periods. According to the same CenterWatch Weekly survey, sites estimate they need a year or more to bring new staff up to speed and functionality.

What do all these staffing troubles add up to? A severe research backlog. Many sites have between 70 and 100 trials in their queue, per CenterWatch Weekly, and still more sites are turning down potential trials because they simply don’t have the staff needed to run them.

If your research practice is facing staffing challenges, join the Elligo Research Network for clinical research support, including training services and research solutions.

The Elligo Research Network Trains New Staff

The Elligo Research Network offers research staff training tailored to your site’s unique needs. If you’re a site just breaking into research, our clinical trial network provides and assists with staff training in areas such as Good Clinical Practice, Human Subjects Protection, and more to make sure your team is ready to run compliant, efficient studies and to shorten the length of time needed to train newly hired staff. If you’re an experienced research site, we provide study-specific training to ensure all your staff are capable and confident in every trial’s protocol, technology, and more.

Every Elligo Research Network site, whether new or experienced, that participates in our PatientSelect trials also receives additional, PatientSelect-specific staff training to further develop its research experience.

The Elligo Research Network Supports Existing Staff

Though outsourcing clinical research services might be a newer concept for sites, it can go a long way toward easing the administrative burden of conducting research, which, in turn, lessens staff burnout, helps sites expand their practice to increase their revenue, and gives more patients access to research as a care option.

To mitigate administrative burden and overhead and reduce burnout and turnover, our clinical research network provides customized and modular infrastructure, complete with tailored support options for new and experienced sites.

New to research sites in the Elligo Research Network have access to End-to-End Research Support, our all-inclusive research enablement and support program designed to help new sites quickly achieve Research Ready status and easily conduct trials going forward. The program includes training, infrastructure support, technology, Business Development, Study Feasibility and Coordination, Financial Management, and more. The Elligo Research Network also gives new sites unique support in the form of experienced Site Development Specialists to help with startup, data entry, regulatory documents, patient recruitment, scheduling, PSV, and SIV.

Experienced research sites in the Elligo Research Network are offered our unique Operational Support Options. These customizable solutions, such as Financial Management, Patient Identification, Engagement Solutions, and Reimbursement Analysis — including Contracts, Budgets, and Regulatory Overview — ease site staff workloads, reduce overhead and costs, and generally improve the quality of trials.

The Elligo Research Network Is the Solution to Your Staffing Challenges

Join the Elligo Research Network for the infrastructure and support you need to hold onto your existing employees and train new staff.

When you need direct access to physicians and their known patients or research practice management solutions to accelerate your clinical trials, there’s Only Elligo.

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