Gender diversity is still a problem in clinical research. According to an analysis of trials conducted between 2016 and 2019, women make up 50.8% of the U.S. population but only 41.2% of clinical research participants.1 The same analysis reported more dire numbers for specific therapeutic areas. For example, 51% of cancer patients are women, but only 41% of oncology research participants are female, and 60% of people with psychiatric disorders are women, but only 42% of participants in psychiatric drug trials were female.1

Since different people, including those of different genders, respond to treatments in unique ways, you can’t know if a treatment will properly and safely serve your intended use population if you don’t test it on an adequate representation of that population. How can you enroll more women in your study to ensure your product safely serves all genders? Bring your study to them.

Bring Clinical Research to Women With Hybrid and Digital Trial Models

A 2022 report from Trilliant Health found women make up more than 60% of all telehealth patients.2 The report also found women make up the majority of every telehealth use group, from single users to 25-plus visits.2 But why? Anecdotally, women choose telehealth over in-person visits to save time and increase convenience, as telehealth services allow them to avoid traveling to and waiting around in doctor’s offices, taking time off work, making child care arrangements, and other hassles.

To enroll more women in your study, you need to make it as simple and hassle-free as possible — virtual and hybrid trial models tick both those boxes. Plus, it’s no great leap in logic to assume that if women are more likely to use telehealth services for their general healthcare, they are also more likely to participate in clinical research via virtual and hybrid models.

How to Incorporate Virtual and Hybrid Models Into Your Research

Including virtual and hybrid models in your clinical trial should help increase female participation, and Elligo Health Research offers a variety of solutions to make your transition to such models fast, seamless, and compliant.

Our IntElligo® Research Stack technology enables remote, real-world data collection as well as real-time monitoring, making it easy for patients to participate from the comfort of their own homes while also allowing you to rapidly collect the data your trial needs. Our virtual study buddy, Root Health, engages and educates patients throughout the research process, ensuring they have the information and support they need for convenient and compliant participation at home, in an office, or a unique combination thereof.

As the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization, we also identify and engage with patients through their trusted physicians, not only increasing the likelihood of enrollment but also increasing retention by ensuring the patient is comfortable and supported from enrollment through study close. Finally, for the visits that must be completed in person, we offer Patient Travel Services to make trial-related travel as seamless, convenient, and efficient as possible.

Enroll More Women in Your Study With Elligo

By partnering with Elligo, you gain access to innovative solutions that support virtual and hybrid trial models so you can identify, engage, and ultimately enroll more women in your clinical trial. Contact Elligo today to learn how our programs can make your research more accessible for patients of all ethnicities, genders, and beyond.


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