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Lost & Found Day

Found: Innovative Care in Diverse Communities

Patients in the El Paso Community Gain Access to Clinical Research as a Care Option

We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about the benefits of offering research as a care option to physicians and patients who have historically been lost to research opportunities. Today, on Lost and Found Day, we want to highlight one of those communities that now has expanded access to care, increased treatment options, and improved outcomes.

This documentary takes you into the El Paso community — a primarily Latino city of nearly 700,000 — and gives you a firsthand look at the impact Elligo’s Goes Direct® approach has had on patients and physicians. You'll meet an innovative local leader and physician who are bringing new treatment options to their community.

"About four months before I was introduced to Elligo, my oldest son was diagnosed with a chronic disease. ... Clinical trials are really important to me, because I hope that in the future, my son will be able to get on a clinical trial so he can have a better quality of life."

Once Lost / Now Found

What's lost from your clinical research?

Today, nearly 97% of healthcare physicians and their patients are lost to clinical research, but Elligo’s Goes Direct® approach has found them. By connecting the best healthcare experts with the best research technologies and infrastructure, we have created the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization that connects you to the things you may be missing in your research.


At Elligo, our mission as your strategic partner is to find the missing physicians and patients across the globe and get them access to clinical trials.

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Learn more about the key issues facing clinical research and how Elligo’s Goes Direct approach has found the solution for them.

What Has Elligo Found?

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Issue 3

Lost: Infrastructure for Conducting Clinical Research

What’s Stopping Physicians From Offering Research as a Care Option?

Overcoming roadblocks through collaboration and increased opportunities between healthcare and research

It’s no secret that patients live happier, healthier lives through the benefits of clinical research as care. But according to Dr. Robert Giffin and Dr. Janet Woodcock, “… by two important measures — the number of researchers conducting trials and the number of patients participating in them — our clinical trial capacity is declining.” With the burden of time commitments and startup costs, the pool of healthcare experts and patients currently able to participate in clinical research is certainly not ideal. Tell us:

What will reverse this trend?

  1. a. Putting new technologies in place
  2. b. Enforcing stricter regulatory guidance
  3. c. Providing more direct access to patients
  4. d. Changing processes
  5. e. All of the above

Elligo Has Found: The Best Infrastructure for Conducting Clinical Research

Only Elligo connects the best healthcare experts with the best research technologies and infrastructure to create the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization. We bridge the gap between research and healthcare using real-world data to find patients for trials. (Watch this video to learn why that’s important.) Then, we present those opportunities through a direct line of contact to the patients’ trusted physician and give them the tools and resources to conduct the trials in their office.

The System of Accelerated Research (SOAR™)

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The patient and physician are at the center, as a dyad

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Quality and standards-based data are integrated from the start

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Workflow is centered around the patient and healthcare provider

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Informed consent is integrated and the process simplified

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Learning health cycles are more rapid

Bridging Research and Healthcare With a Transformative Model

Only Elligo’s Goes Direct® Approach is helping more physicians and patients participate in clinical research.

Download these articles to find out how:

Issue 2

Lost: Technology for Innovative Healthcare

Operationalizing Clinical Data Doesn't Have To Be Cumbersome

How can you connect the dots from feasibility to submission?

According to the FDA, real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) are increasingly being used to support the development of novel therapies. The challenge, however, is that this information is flooding in from disparate sources and in formats that are not optimal for interoperability or accessibility. Tell us:

Which one of the following benefits do you wish your current clinical technology provided?

  1. a. Collecting data at the point of care
  2. b. Automating administrative tasks
  3. c. Alerting for any quality issues
  4. d. Making eSource data interoperable with EDC using CDASH standards
  5. e. All of the above

Elligo Has Found: Technology for Innovative Healthcare

Elligo research stack

Through our novel IntElligo Research Stack™ technology, Elligo stands at the intersection of research and healthcare, connecting patients to research, and research to patients. Our platform is the only system designed to work in real-world healthcare, with an interface that is adaptable and integrates into existing workflows while still following clinical research standards. Not only is the system interoperable with other technologies, its data flows freely, promoting study efficiency, and providing all stakeholders with real-time transparency into the patient’s entire journey.

Issue 1

Lost: Physicians and Patients

The Statistics Are Staggering

Up to 80% of Trials Fail to Meet Their Enrollment Targets

Even the most experienced investigators and sites can fall short of your study's enrollment and retention needs. This may be partly due to the fact that less than 3% of patients are currently participating in clinical research. Tell us:

What is your biggest challenge when looking for patients to fill your studies?

  1. a. Site selection and activation are inefficient
  2. b. Sites don't reach enrollment goals
  3. c. The resulting patient pools are not diverse
  4. d. All of the above are challenging

Elligo Has Found: Physicians and Patients


Stop Missing Your Enrollment Goals

Our Research Ready site network is growing exponentially. We are adding new physicians and patients through our partnerships every day, giving entire communities and specialized patient populations the opportunity to participate in clinical research as care for their condition.