The System of Accelerated Research (SOAR®)

Elligo’s Decentralized Model for Clinical Research

A Transformative Model

Our System of Accelerated Research (SOAR®) is a transformative model that adheres to all required regulatory processes while accelerating the overall research process, ensuring quality and integrity and focusing on the patient.

“… by two important measures — the number of researchers conducting trials and the number of patients participating in them — our clinical trial capacity is declining.”

– Dr. Robert Giffin and Dr. Janet Woodcock

Key Current Issues

Issue 1: Low physician and patient participation

Issue 2: Clinical research seen as cumbersome

Issue 3: Inadequate bridging of patient care with clinical research

Bridging Research and Healthcare

Elligo developed a transformative model that accelerates the research process.

The patient and physician are at the center, as a dyad

Quality and standards-based data are integrated from the start

Workflow is centered around the patient and healthcare provider

Informed consent is integrated and the process simplified

Learning health cycles are more rapid

Increasing Physician and Patient Involvement

SOAR eliminates the burden of clinical research while keeping physicians and their patients at the center.

Site Identification/ Physician Engagement Patient Recruitment Study Setup Study Monitoring and Medical Monitoring Communication Source Documentation Study Management

Study Leadership and Governance

• Medical and safety assurance

• Regulatory compliance

• Study communications


• Patients and physicians identified and interest assessed in advance

• Registries developed for recruitment and future use

Study Setup and Data Collection

• Standards used from the start

• Patient and site-centric workflow

• eSource data (from study managers, physicians, and patients) using IntElligo

Study Metrics/Management

• Automatically generated from IntElligo

• Dashboard and reports for all stakeholders, including patients

Study Monitoring and Medical Monitoring

Study Monitoring and Medical Monitoring Icon

SOAR leverages technology to increase opportunities for research:

Accessing data is more feasible and affordable, paving the way to more appropriate protocols and better qualified patients while enabling improved safety and quality monitoring.

SOAR is fit for complex medical situations and indications requiring meaningful medical oversight:

The focus is on real-world patients in community practices, while protecting the internal validity of the trial through robust procedures and readily available source data to facilitate prompt medical monitoring.

Real-time Icon

Real-time access to study data facilitates monitoring and safety assurance


Communication Icon

SOAR enables learning health systems:

Research status is available in real time for physicians and sponsors — learnings are summarized and provided to patients and physicians to inform healthcare decisions.

Research findings inform healthcare decisions

Research status available in real time for physicians and sponsors; study result summaries sent periodically to patients and physicians

Site Identification/Physician Engagement

Site Identification/Physician Engagement Icon

SOAR is patient-centric and respectful of the physician-patient relationship by design:

The patient stays with his/her trusted physician throughout the study, with the aid of trained study managers to offload the administrative burden. Below are results from a survey of physicians who had not previously conducted research:


of physicians were interested in piloting SOAR


of physicians said they would allow Elligo to contact their patients on their behalf to discuss joining a study


of physicians were willing to enter data into a portal for a clinical trial

Patient Recruitment

Study Monitoring and Medical Monitoring Icon

SOAR is transformative:

Recruitment will be completed in a fraction of the time compared to a similar trial using the legacy model of clinical research. In one case study, lagging enrollment was rectified when Elligo used real-world data to identify qualified patients within three days of IRB approval and prior to the targeted date for enrolling the first patient.

Real-time Icon

Referred qualified patients 3 days after IRB approval and 5 days prior to sponsor target date for study start

Study Setup

Study Setup Icon

SOAR is powered by a robust technology platform:

The IntElligo® Research Stack platform is built to meet strategic goals, including rapid study setup, centralized data integrity control, streamlined standard data flow from eSource to submission-ready data, treatment of patients in their homes or where they normally go for their healthcare, and processes customized to align with physician workflows.


Study startup is
70-90% faster
using standards from the start

Study Management and Source Documentation

Source Documentation Icon

SOAR significantly reduces data transcription and time to access study data and management information:

Data is entered once as standardized eSource data by the Elligo study manager, patient, or physician (as appropriate), compared to today’s process through which data is entered, and/or transcribed 3-5 times. Thus, SOAR improves data quality and provides real-time information to improve medical monitoring and study management.

Study Management Icon

SOAR is fit for regulated trials, registration trials, and post-marketing trials:

SOAR is designed with all of the principles of ICH E6(R2), 21CFR11, and other relevant regulations undergirding the process and technologies controlling the flow of data.

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